Hatteras Island North Carolina
Ty Luckett • 252-305-5290
Check out the Latest in Instruction Innovation "The Pole"
Board Basics with "Tower Time"...No Wind, No Problem.
Beginner to advanced, just the board skills here.

Kiteboarding is really two sports in one, they need to be separated, board skills and kite skills, in order to be successful. You will have a huge advantage learning with Kite Hatteras.

Ride the revolutionary "Kite Rite" Tower developed by Captain Ty Luckett. No wind necessary and lessons are offered daily. Learn basic board skills, Back Rolls, Railys or just test your new board. Riders leaving this lesson will know how to ride toe side and heel side even before flying a kite. The "Kite Rite" Tower offers a variety of benefits that will surely add to even an advanced rider's bag of tricks.

Allowing the rider to completely focus on the board skills portion of the lesson "the pole" pulls the rider out of the water at a 45 degree angle just as the kite will. The rider becomes quickly comfortable with edging and proper foot pressure which are necessities for kiteboarding success.

Others will pull you with a jet ski or boat with a straight tow rope.This is very difficult due to the angle at which you are being pulled from the water. Because the pole is adjustable, Ty can set it up so that the proper angle can be set for each individual making the ride on "The Pole" as close as possible to that of riding with the kite.
Because Ty uses a super quiet Yamaha Four Stroke outboard and the rider is close to the boat, he can talk to you while you are riding and make adjustments to your riding "on the fly" rather than telling you what you need to do after you wipe out and the jet ski finally gets back to you.
All of this adds up to a super comfortable teaching program that will get you riding faster and make the experience just that much more enjoyable!

Prices start at $195 per hour for private lessons. Add $49 for each additional person.
(Six Passenger Maximum)

Riders leaving this lesson will know how to ride regular foot, goofy foot, toe side and switch foot in both directions.

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