Hatteras Island North Carolina
Ty Luckett • 252-305-5290
Intermediate/Advanced MINI CAMP
..Using Cabrinha's Revolutionary Kites!
Going upwind, toeside, jumping, raleys, grabs, back and front rolls, 720's...You tell us what you would like to learn! This camp is custom designed around you. Since you are followed independently by Ty's custom kite boat, there is no wasted time walking, inflating kites by hand or scrambling for the right equipment.

$395.00 for 3 hours...Bring a friend- $195.00 for each additional person

Beginners - We recommend the 2 Day Camp!

The Chase - Private lesson..With Captain Ty Luckett.
Here is your chance to be in a unique one on one situation with Ty Luckett as your personal instructor. You can learn anything from riding up wind, transitions, riding powered-up, jumping or advanced maneuvers. You are in charge of what you learn! Price is $150 per hour. Group rates available.

Riding in the Surf...With Captain Ty Luckett.
Ride the waves with Ty Luckett...This is an advanced lesson focused entirely on riding in the ocean and waves. The Cape Hatteras coastline offers riding in every wind direction and is the perfect place to learn the skills of riding in the ocean. Ride and jump waves with confidence - Ty will take you to that next level of kiteboarding! Price is $150 per hour.
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