Hatteras Island North Carolina
Ty Luckett • 252-305-5290
"Ty offers the definitively best experience in learning how to kiteboard!  This experience includes, his first rate instruction and coaching, a fully stocked floating classroom that includes an assortment of innovative teaching aids (especially his “Kite Rite” Tower for acquiring board skills) and gear to suit any ride-able wind conditions along with the calm waters of Pamlico Sound.  His one on one coaching and boat support create an environment where all you as a student have to think about is the actual kite boarding. By having this focus, I was able to go from never having been able to get up on a board to riding in both directions after one session. By my second session I was working on transitions and edging up wind. In short, Ty took me from tea bag to kiteboarder in less than 24 hours.  All in all it was pretty fabulous experience. Its hard for me to imagine a better way to learn how to kiteboard."

Pete van Amson

"Ty a conscientious instructor who works with his students in a positive way, a natural teacher. When you have had a day out with Ty your body tells you later it was quite the workout. He knows when to push and how hard. This is a man who simplifies the art of kiteboarding, flying and riding. Ty is a man willing to take on my challenge and help my dream come true and he is great for all ages."
Anita Bills - Frisco, NC

"My experience with Ty Luckett and Kite Hatteras couldn't have been any better. Having never wake boarded and only static kited a couple of times, Ty had me up and going by the second day. Ty's excellent instruction made learning to kite board easy, fun, and safe and his unique boat set up allowed us to go out when other kite boarding schools couldn't. Equipped with a full range of kites, Ty made it possible for us to get out under a wide range of wind conditions; in two days we flew 7, 9, 12, and 16 meter kites. I would recommend Kite Hatteras to anyone and hope to return again!."
Blake Treson - Truckee, CA

"I have taken several lessons from several very well know and respected kiting celebrities and only truly felt like a kiter after two days on the water with Captain Ty. Kiteboarding can be a very frustrating sport to learn and I assume to teach. Ty was so positive and stoked everytime a nailed a waterstart or tried riding toeside. His enthusiasm is contagious and I use his methods and advice everytime I kite which is at least twice a week. Ty's training has opened the doors to one of the greatest sports I will ever be able to participate in."
Thanks Ty, 

Dr. Mehdy Rad
College Park, Md.

"When people ask me how long I have been kiting they cannot believe that it has only been 7 months. I fully attribute my advanced rate of progress to the lessons I received from Capt. Ty."
Becky Brown

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